Friday, September 28, 2007


Multidimensional Data Model

Multidimensional data model is to view it as a cube. The cable at the left contains detailed sales data by product, market and time. The cube on the right associates sales number (unit sold) with dimensions-product type, market and time with the unit variables organized as cell in an array.

This cube can be expended to include another array-price-which can be associates with all or only some dimensions.

As number of dimensions increases number of cubes cell increase exponentially.

Dimensions are hierarchical in nature i.e. time dimension may contain hierarchies for years, quarters, months, weak and day. GEOGRAPHY may contain country, state, city etc.

Data WareHousing


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    Hi, all this is avneesh pandey. I am persuing btech(I.T )4th year from IPEC ghaziabad. This is really a good content
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    Its a good example Kunal.. keep posting a lots.. i am just now starting with those DWH concepts.. Just lemme know if i can refer any book for studying all DWH concepts.
    hi this is kalai, the picture is correct we r expecting the more information
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