Friday, September 28, 2007


Difference Between Data Warehouse and Data Base

1). Data Base (DB) is a place where data is taken as the base and manage to get a valuable for fast and efficient access.

Where as Data warehouse (DW) is the place where the application data is manage for analysis and reporting purpose.

2). Data Base is used for transactional purpose. It is volatile in nature i.e. value can change in DB.

Where as historical data is maintained in DW, instate of keeping it in real time OLTP (Data Base) system.

3). Data Base stores data in the form of table. Data is accessed by giving a query.

Data Warehouse is also a DB but the purpose is for business analysis and it is used to store historical data.

4). Transactional Data Base is RDB (relational database) with the normalize table.

Where as Data Warehouse contain complete data link past and present based on OLTP system with d normalize table.


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