Friday, September 28, 2007


Types of Data Warehouse

There are mainly three type of Data Warehouse.................

1). Enterprise Data Warehouse.
2). Operational data store.
3). Data Mart.

Enterprise Data Warehouse provide a control Data Base for decision support through out the enterprise.

Operational data store has a broad enterprise under scope but unlike a real enterprise DW. Data is refreshed in rare real time and used for routine business activity.

Data Mart is a sub part of Data Warehouse. It support a particular reason or it is design for particular lines of business such as sells, marketing or finance, or in any organization documents of a particular department will be data mart


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    can any body tell me types of data warehousing as host based,single stage,multistage, lan based etc
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    How to reduce the cost of the warehouse?
    please tell me how can a company reduce the cost of the warehouse for sale in their company. Its all related to the supply chain management.
    The disadvantage of this is that there is no history in the data warehouse. Advantages of this type is it's easy to maintain. If you have calculated an aggregate. l4d survival warehouse glitch

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